PCB Assembly

We have extensive capability in PCB Assembly from complex surface mount and conventional through-hole to

electro-mechanical assembly and offer a wide range of PCB panel batch sizes from prototypes and one-offs, through to mid-sized contract volumes. In the process, we undertake component procurement and a rigorous test and inspection regime where attention to detail is second to none.

Utilising our dedicated CEM manufacturing facilities, Skilcom can deliver a full end to end PCB Assembly solution that can include wiring, potting and conformal coating and extends to final assembly operations.

Our three fully automated Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly lines are capable of placing the latest components, including BGA and flip chip, and are supported by DEK screen printers to guarantee repeated quality and reliability.

Surface mount PCB assemblies are reflowed using our micro-processor controlled Ersa Hotflow full convection reflow oven. The closely controlled temperature zones and optimum airflow conditions throughout the oven ensure consistently high-quality solder joints.

Conventional through-hole PCBs are assembled and flow soldered or hand soldered by our team of experienced and highly skilled PCB assembly specialists and mechanical assembly and wiring operatives.


Our Clients Say

“You have managed to satisfy our demands which were, in a lot of cases, at very short notice and maintained a consistently high quality of product."

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